Little Angels Nursery

Fully qualified staff

Our fully qualified staff are trained to the highest standards and are passionate about quality childcare and education. We work hard to ensure your child has a great time with us, through planning exciting and stimulating activities.

Learn through Play

Little Angels provides a safe and caring location where children are encouraged to develop and thrive through our emphasis on subtle learning through play. All our play activities are geared towards the EYFS curriculum.

Develop & Thrive

Little Angels offers guided learning through play, which not only prepares children for school, but encourages their personal, social and emotional development – through a holistic approach.

Why Little Angels


At Little Angels, we understand how important it is choosing the right nursery for your child; we believe to find the right nursery, you need to experience the feeling of the setting firsthand. Therefore, we invite you to book in to look around our setting – where you can meet the team, observe the routines and how the setting operates.

We have a clear mission statement:

At Little Angels, we place a strong emphasis on the desire to help all children reach their individual potential. Our children are nurtured within a play-based curriculum which is broad, planned and balanced indoors and outdoors with both adult-led and child-initiated learning.

Our planning and structure wholly supports and reflects the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Every Child Matters agenda, ensuring that the individual child and their family are at the center of all learning and development.


Our Results Speak for themsleves!

  • 5 star ‘food hygiene’ rating
  • Gold Star rating within the ‘Health Award’
  • Gold Star Rating for ‘Infection Control’
  • OFSTED registered
  • OFSTED rated OUTSTANDING in 2011 & 2016
  • Breastfeeding friendly
Rating within the Health Award
Rating for infection control
Voted OUTSTANDING by OFSTED in 2011, 2016 & 2020

Time For Food

We ensure that snacks and meal times are a social time at which children eat together. It provides a fantastic opportunity to promote healthy eating and hygiene practices.

The nursery will provide healthy, balanced and nutritious meals, snacks and drinks. All main meals will include food from the four main food groups (starchy carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables, mild and dairy foods and proteins. No salt will be added to food and food containing high in salt, e.g. gravy granules, stock cubes, ready made sauses etc. will be used as little as possible. We are able to reheat any home cooked meal. We consider children’s dietary needs when cooking and preparing meals and make sure they are met.

Exciting your childs mind

Each playroom is filled with apparatus and resources to excite children’s learning. We aim to support children’s gross and fine motor skills, communication skills, and social and emotional development – through fun-filled, age-appropriate activities! In the baby room (Halos), practitioners encourage lots of ‘tummy time’ – which helps to strengthen the babies’ core muscles. Staff then support the children in reaching their physical milestones (such as crawling, rolling, and walking). There is also a huge focus on communication and language – practitioners work to support children with their listening and attention skills through play and home learning methods. Staff converse with children, using eye contact, modulated voice and appropriate words and sentences for each age range, to support children in understanding and using language. For children whom are delayed in their communication and language development – we have skilled practitioners to support with this, through intervention programmes such as ‘Chatterbox’.

Forming Relationships

As your child will be adapting to entering this new chapter in their life, forming relationships is something we aim to encourage throughout their time here. It’s very important with their age group, that the child’s self-esteem and confidence is monitored and reassured in order to help them form relationships with adults, as well as long lasting friendships. We will involve the children in group activities daily and hold circle times at the start and end of each day. This will help inspire and spark their positive, social behavior.

Prime and specific areas of development

Children are given the chance and encouragement of looking at different forms of literature and text within their environment. Practitioners also use language to help children develop and use different letters and sounds through phonics sessions and games, which lead to their future reading skills.

As well as Literacy, the children also learn about Shape, Space and Measure – with numbers, counting, sorting and matching. Children also begin to understand sequencing when it comes to learning days of the week and the months of the year. They start to see patterns emerge and be able to follow them easier within their local environment. This also includes counting regularly throughout the day for example, having to count their peers in a line at the end of play time. This helps encourage them to use mathematical language regularly through their everyday life. To help evolve their learning process, they will be practicing their skill within number rhymes, stories and games and even during water play and sand play.

We will be implementing Communication with your child whether that be verbally, through actions, gestures or expressions. This vital early skill which will contribute and improve throughout your child’s life. We will be extending the children’s vocabulary by asking them to talk openly in front of their peers and adults about any activities they have participated in especially after the weekend or holidays.

We also make sure that physical development is involved in the child’s everyday play, as it’s important to grow and strengthen their motor skills. This includes things for the children to learn how to hold and apply small movements when writing or developing scissor techniques. It will also involve big movements for physical activity during indoor or outdoor play, where they will be able to exercise and help stay healthy through running or climbing. There will also be a variety of opportunities for the children to explore and experience music, movement or ball abilities.

Why is Play important?


Our team of trained staff will care for your children and encourage them to participate in a wide range of age appropriate activities that create many opportunities for fun and social interaction. These include:

  • TV’s & DVD’s
  • Computer
  • Art & Craft
  • Table Top Games
  • Dance & Music
  • Cookery
  • Outings/Visits to local areas
  • Outdoor Play

We believe safeguarding is of utmost importance here at Little Angels – and we aim to promote the highest of standards every day. All employees are DBS checked and monitored, and visitors are asked to bring along photographic identification when they visit. The setting and activities are risk assessed, to ensure that (whilst children are encouraged to engage in some ‘risky play’) that the resources children use are safe.

We value your child’s happiness and well being during their time at Little Angels and we encourage children to see their role in the bigger picture. We encourage children to have their own independence and freedom so they can experience their own reasoning of what brings joy. Their happiness is of course an important  part to play within their new, learning environment.

The education we provide your child, will give open them up to new knowledge and skills in which they will use and need for the rest of their lives. This will include the required education such as literacy, maths and communication but not forgetting other forms of learning such as social knowledge, confidence, creative skills and more!

A happy environment makes for happy children!